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Patch Notes 19.01.2021

Dear Players bit late but better than never [dblpt]D

Patch notes for day 19.01.2021 are quiet long so lets start

-We added  18 new icons as well with
- 18 New items
- New Combinations are set
- A new prop function up and runing
- Added 5 new props  to a map
- Polish a crafting classes bit more
- Updated Translation
- Bug fixes

so start with new icons. There is 18 of them also they are items that woking in game


1.KypGie5.jpg It's 13k capacity bag
2.gritxcp.jpg It's 15k capacity bag
3.AWXSExc.jpg It's 14k capacity bag
4.HsOIRpp.jpg It's 1k capacity bag
5.DwsUGv7.jpg It's 12k capacity bag


1.vkxCvqf.jpg Copper Ore
2.NYwI9YN.jpg Coal
3.lQ2DyrB.jpg Gold Ore
4.AzEnR3w.jpg Iron Ore
5.4DRRBzE.jpg Tin Ore


1.A08LMYN.jpg Gold
2.EvCduYc.jpg Tin
3.ik5UrAx.jpg Silver
4.yIiMaMU.jpg Copper
5.XCF4UTc.jpg Iron


1.ZwygyZO.jpg Herbalist Bag
2.lZIfEY5.jpg Hunter Knife
3.uhmTCfB.jpg Blacksmith Hammer

New Combinations:

1-15k bags are craftable but require a specific items to craft it however we willl introduce items and Combinations in Help content also as patch notes once a Crafting classes will be Done.

New Prop functions:

there is 6 new props added that having diffrend uses
5 of them are props basically player come to them, mine them and receive set amount of ore or coal depend on prop
and the prop number 6 is a Blacksmith Forge that allows Blacksmith smelts ores to ingots and make items like armors and weapons out of them.

We continue to polishing a crafting classes as making new recipies,effects, balance and require of co-working from all of them.

today its everythink so have good night as see you soon
Your Team of Fire


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