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Patch Notes 12.01.2021

Dear Player

We continue our work on server beffore relase. At this moment we have huge plans and lot of ideas but we all know that will take time so even server will run we wil continue work to bring you more items, quests, levels, maps, and more! now back to main think.

Patch notes for 12.01.2021

-Bug fixes:

* We find that most of skill translation went teribbly worng while we translate it to english. So we find a way to repair it now all skills shows and act how they supose to.
*Some pet skills ( 9.7 pets ) still dont work or act as they should but they will be repaired once server start.
*Some skills couse to crash server, now its fixed

-Added new skills:

*Valley of Fire( added 05.01.2021 )

Atack type: Magic
Element: Fire
Cooldown: 3 sec
Cast: 2 sec ( every projectable resets cooldown )
Projectable: 15 fire balls
AOE: 10 m


Allows player to gather leather form monsters if they have specific item in they inventory ( item dosnt exist yet )

Requires: Hunters knife ( craft class  item )
Give : 1x Basic Leather
Cooldown: 15 sec
Cast: 3 sec

- New Crafting recipie:

*Trainee's Bag:

Type: Combine
Requires: 5x Basic Leather + 1x Sewing kit


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